Burlingame, California

Concerned about the economic impact of COVID-19?

Want more information on how COVID-19 is financially impacting the City, your benefits, other agencies?
This page is a list of resources and information that has been shared with HR during this time, we hope you find it informative. While it is the City's goal to maintain services and preserve full-time staffing, it is also true that individuals, the City, surrounding public agencies/cities, and benefit providers are facing tough economic challenges and financial decisions.

We are in this together, if there is anything HR can do to answer any questions you have, or provide you with resources, let us know. Being informed helps with your own personal planning, and can be reassuring during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

CalPERS Pension
  • How CalPERS is addressing Coronavirus - website link
  • Frequently Asked Questions - link to FAQs on topics like Investments, Impact of Investment Returns on Contribution Rates, Questions for Active Members (for all members), and much more all to do with the impact of COVID-19 on the CalPERS pension benefits. - FAQ link
  • How COVID-19 is impacting health insurance premium rates - link to Pension & Benefits Committee April 21, 2020 meeting agenda and webcast
  • For the Record - news release from CIO Ben Meng on how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting investments and how CalPERS is addressing these challenges - link
Empower 457 Plan
City of Burlingame Budget
League of California Cities
Study found: "100% of California cities face projected revenue loss this year. 9/10 cities will cut/furlough city staff or decrease city services. 3 out of 4 may take both actions." (https://www.cacities.org/Policy-Advocacy/Hot-Issues/Support-Local-Recovery)

Burlingame Organizational Compass


Community Service

Community service that is responsive to and meets the needs of the public by:
  • Being dedicated to the community we serve
  • Involving and understanding our community
  • Anticipating and adapting to the changing needs of our citizens

Ethical Organization

Ethical organization that interacts with the public and each other in an honest and professional manner by:
  • Treating people with respect and dignity
  • Taking responsibility for our decisions, statements and actions to the organization and community
  • Dealing with differences and conflicts in a professional, respectful and authentic fashion

One Organization

One organization that fosters positive relationships and teamwork by:
  • Being part of the solution
  • Crating and maintaining constructive relationships while respecting individual contributions
  • Focusing on the issues and needs of the organization and community
  • Encouraging behavior that builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Emphasizing self-initiative, sonstant improvement and employee involvement

Positive Leadership

Positive leadership that is nurturing and forward-thinking by:
  • Recognizing the leadership role all employees play in the community
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity
  • Leading by example
  • Being supportive, humanistic and compassionate